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4 Questions to Ask for Successful Dental Office Hiring

February 21, 2018

Two people during an interviewAs dental care providers, we work diligently to create a dentistry practice atmosphere where patients will feel welcome and relaxed, so you can establish trusting relationships with those you treat. Hiring the right dental professionals to build upon these relationships is essential. One team member who doesn’t share your patient care philosophy can completely change the dental care experience for every patient. It’s important that you take the time to ask the right questions when hiring new staff members. This ensures you’ll acquire the right new members for your team.

1 – Ask About Experience

These are the most obvious, basic question. You’ll want to know more about their education, work in the dental field, and/or other past experiences that may impact their performance in the office. However, past experience is not necessarily an indicator of future success, so you should focus the bulk of your interview time on discussing how the interviewee could fit into your dental practice’s future.

2 – Ask about Goals

Not every employee necessarily needs to plan on a lifetime devoted to the dental field, but in order to properly plan for the future of your office, you need to understand each employee’s career goal. This allows you to properly plan for career development and training based on the employee’s individual needs.

3 – Ask How They Will Advocate for Your Office

Good employees will go beyond offering care for those patients who already visit your team for their dental care. Instead, they work to bring new patients into the office as well. During the hiring process, you should discuss how an employee would work to advocate for your office in the community.

4 – Ask About Conflict Management Skills

As you likely know, working with patients in the dental office can be a challenge. Despite our best efforts to communicate clearly with our patients and treat everyone with care and attention, patients can get upset. Good employees understand that properly addressing a patient’s concerns is an opportunity to reestablish a lasting patient relationship. Good employees will effectively address conflict with patients as well as other employees.

How WorkWell Management Can Help

AT WorkWell Management, we’re dedicated to helping the right dental professionals find the best dentistry practices. We offer human resources services, training, and more to help our dental offices grow and thrive. If you want to learn more about becoming a WorkWell Management dental office, contact our friendly team to get started today. We look forward to partnering with your dental practice to find the right staff members to provide dentistry services that exceed the highest patient expectations.

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