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What Are Dental Office Jobs Like in Massachusetts?

September 23, 2016

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dental office jobs massachusettsAre you considering working in a dentist’s office? Maybe you’ve just graduated and are looking forward to having you first job in a private or corporate practice. Or perhaps you’re mid-career and interested in a change. What can you expect from dental office jobs in Massachusetts? A lot of it depends on the specific team you join, but the basics of working in dentistry remain the same. You can expect a fast-paced atmosphere, lots of interaction with people, and an enriching, rewarding job. Learn more about the inner-workings of dental practices today.

Don’t Expect to Sit Still for Long

First of all, you should know that dental offices are busy — especially successful ones. No matter your role at the practice, your days will probably be packed with responsibilities. Duties range from greeting patients and getting to know their smile histories to putting together treatment plans and helping things flow smoothly at the office, along with countless other responsibilities. People who work in small practices wear a lot of hats, especially. If you like a fast-paced, results-driven environment, you will thrive in a dental office.

You’ve Got to Love People

Dozens of patients of all ages may come through the dental office on any given day. And these people usually need a lot from you — like reassurance that the treatment won’t hurt, advice on how to better care for their teeth and gums, help filing a dental insurance claim, or anything else that makes their experience at the dentist’s better. People who work in a dental practice usually excel in interacting with people, even if it’s not always easy to force a smile (like on Monday morning).

…And Teeth

It almost goes without saying that when you work at a dental practice, you’ll be dealing with people’s teeth. A lot. And it’s not always easy — but people who work in dentist’s offices are generally enthusiastic about helping patients who have poor dental health or hygiene to improve their habits and smile healthier. In fact, many employees say they’ve always had an interest for teeth, and even enjoyed visiting the dentist’s office as a child.

You Need to Value Teamwork

Successful dental offices work as a team. If you’re considering working for a dentist, know that playing well with others is a crucial skill for your own success, as well as the practice’s. From the front desk receptionist to dental assistants, hygienists, and the dentist(s), successful dental offices practice good, clear communication and mutual respect for one another. If you know you are an excellent team player, the dentist’s office is likely a good environment for you.

Think a Dental Practice Is Right for You?

If you believe you would excel in the dental office, please get in touch with Workwell Management to discuss dental jobs in Massachusetts today. No matter where you are in your professional journey, we can help you examine your opportunities and choose the position that’s right for you.

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