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What is a Dental Service Organization in Massachusetts?

December 21, 2016

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How can a dental service organization help me?You have many responsibilities at your practice, and frequently, they go beyond simply helping your patients. It’s up to you to make sure people know you are currently practicing in their area, and what makes you different from other dental practices. Then you have all the internal matters, such as billing, payroll, IT, insurance…the list just goes on. You have good people to help you out, but it all ultimately falls on you. You wish you could put more of your energy into simply serving patients. We agree, and that is why we’d like to tell you about our Dental Service Organization in Massachusetts.

What Is a Dental Service Organization?

A Dental Service Organization (DSO) or Dental Management Company in Massachusetts is an independent company that partners with dental practices to help them perform non-clinical duties. These can include:

  • Billing
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Insurance Processing

DSOs have come to prominence with the government’s recent initiative to make healthcare more affordable for all Americans. In 2014, up to 33% of people had not received important medical or dental care because they could not afford it. When it came the dentistry, the problem stemmed from a lack of uniformity in dental care costs. This variation largely depended on a particular practice’s relationship with insurance companies, as well as their management of the non-clinical side of running a dental practice. More practices decided to partner with DSOs in order to bring their costs down, attract more patients, and make their practice easier to run. The DSO model of dental care has proven so successful that the number of practices choosing to contract with one is growing three times faster than the number of DSOs themselves.

How DSOs Help Doctors

The key mission of DSOs like Workwell Management comes down to two distinct principles.

1.We want to help your practice grow.

2.We want to make running your practice easier.

By taking care of everything else, you are free to concentrate on the reason you got into dentistry in the first place: the patients. Ancillary duties will be delegated to professionals whose only job is to make yours easier. Rather than spending hours making a website for yourself, a team of professionals will not only make you a cutting-edge one, but also make sure it is easily found on Facebook, Google+, and all other social media platforms.

You also gain another advantage from working with a DSO: collective bargaining. When you negotiate your contract with an insurance provider, you will be included in the vast network of affiliate practices that are also with the same DSO. This provides you with much more leverage, and makes it simpler for you to get rates for services that are easier for your patients to afford, as well as grow your practice.

Want To Know More?

DSOs like Workwell Management think it’s best for a dentist to put most of their energy into serving their patients, and most doctors will agree. You can simplify your life and grow your practice all at the same time.

If you have any questions about Dental Service Organizations and what they can do for your practice, please give us a call today.

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