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Up Your Massachusetts Dental Practice’s Value Before Selling

May 31, 2016

sell dental office massachusettsYou’ve decided it’s time to sell your dental office in Massachusetts — but have you done everything you can to maximize its value before you let go? You’ve got a small business on your hands, so make sure you’re employing the very best practices of small businesses to get the most out of your investment. We’ve got five tips for you to keep in mind before selling your dental practice.

#1: Grow Your Practice With a Website

Have you gotten online yet? With your dental office, we mean. If you haven’t invested in a sleek, attractive website that’s filled with helpful content for your patients, it’s time for you to do just that. Online marketing is a crucial part of a healthy practice, and a website is its main component. Place information about the services you offer as well as insurance forms and first-visit paperwork to make visiting your office as easy as possible. When you’ve got a great website, you’re more likely to attract high-quality, returning patients — and probably their families, too.

#2: Be Aware of Your Online Reviews

Have you seen what your patients are saying about your dental care? Online reviews are more important than ever these days, so make sure you’re frequently checking in on how people are talking about your practice — remember that people are usually only inspired to leave reviews after very good or very bad experiences. Respond to any negative feedback quickly and professionally, offering to correct the problem as you see fit.

#3: Connect With Your Patients

A lot has changed in the dentist-patient relationship since you began practicing, and there are more ways than ever to connect with your clientele. Does your practice have a Facebook account? What about Twitter? Aside from being great ways to promote your new website, these platforms are also an excellent tool for reminding patients about the importance of regular preventive care, as well as promoting any specials or new services.

#4: Think About Referrals

As you work on filling out your list of patients, remember that referral incentives are an effective way to attract new clients. Do you have a plan in place for referrals? Consider one — then advertise it on your website and social media.

#5: Update Your Office

When you’re getting ready to sell your practice, you want to make sure the office itself looks as good as possible. You can update the waiting room, office spaces, and examination rooms with the help of an interior decorator who specializes in dental offices. But if you don’t decide to go that route, you can do it yourself — just remember the basic tenets of decoration: neat, well-lit spaces are the most attractive.

Remaining Questions? Ready to Begin? Contact Us Today

If you’ve got remaining questions about preparing to sell your dental practice in Massachusetts, or if you know you’re ready to go ahead and make the move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with WorkWell Management to discuss your details and get started today.

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