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How to Retain Your New Dental Patients in 5 Steps

October 19, 2016

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dentist jobs in Massachusetts are plentifulYou’ve invested in advanced technology, you’ve hired the right staff, and you’re set up to offer excellence in dentistry. But none of it matters if you can’t keep your clients coming back. How to retain new dental patients? Good practice management is key to the success of your career — and we advise on dentist jobs in Massachusetts all the time. Below you’ll find the top five steps for patient retention. Which ones could you do better?

#1: Take care of the easy stuff first

Don’t let clients slip away because you didn’t do the little, easy things that make a good practice feel like home. What impression does your waiting room give off? Maybe it’s time to update the furniture, or add a piece of new art here and there.

While you’re giving some thought to your office’s waiting room, how about the first impression your staff is putting out there? Take some time to go over the musts for the people at the front desk. Greeting patients with a smile, enthusiasm to help, and other basics of customer service are crucial components of client retention.

#2: Develop relationships

This one may not come naturally to you, but it’s highly important that you get a little personal with your patients. You’re already peeking deep into their mouths — so taking some time to get to know them a little better can help them feel at ease. Ask about their kids, their holiday, or their job. And once they leave your office, jot a little note down to keep in their file. On their next visit in, you’ll be prepared to ask about their recent trip to the Cape or the birth of a new child. These personal touches are the little things that keep clients coming back.

#3: And keep them going online

Once you’ve got a dentist-client relationship started offline, keep it strong by bringing it online, too. Maybe you’re reluctant to do that — but there’s no way to get around the importance of social media in today’s competitive dental market. Tell your patients to “like” your practice on Facebook (after you’ve created a page, of course) and keep in touch with them online. Provide helpful dental health tips, share important information, and publicize any special offers your practice is holding. Developing a strong social media presence helps your clients remember why they chose you to care for their smiles.

#4: Keep an eye on reviews

No matter how reluctant you may be to take your practice online, you probably already have a presence in online reviews. It’s highly important that you keep an eye on what people are saying about you on sites like Google, Yelp!, and Healthgrades. Remember that even the best dentists occasionally get less-than-positive reviews, but the important thing is how you respond to them. Provide timely, kind, and considerate responses to unflattering write-ups, offering to correct the problem or assuage the situation as soon as possible.

#5: Follow up with your patients

This is a no brainer, and it’s something dentists have been doing for decades. After you’ve got a patient into your office, follow up with them by sending a reminder email, postcard, or text. But don’t be too persistent — one reminder is plenty, and two is too many.

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