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Steps to selling a Massachusetts/Maine dental practice

April 11, 2016

From Massachusetts to Maine, sell your dental practice in the best way possible. Learn the steps to this important process from Workwell Dental Management.

A broker, a CPA and a lawyer–they are important people to have on your team when selling your dental practice in Maine or Massachusetts. You need coordination of their skills and wisdom so you, your staff and your finances transition well after the sale.

Help in a time of transition

Workwell Dental Management brings experience and expertise to the table when it’s time for dentists to:

  • Sell their practices to new doctors
  • Retire, either completely or partially
  • Expand by adding a new location, a professional partner or new support staff
  • Need to downsize their current patient load

Sometimes dentists even need assistance in identifying the current and future goals for their practices. The team at Workwell Dental Management, headed Dr. Kevin Guze, helps dentists identify those goals and then works to navigate them in a way that benefits doctors and patients alike.

Money, marketing and paperwork

Workwell Dental Management takes the guesswork out of pricing your practice. We help answer questions such as “What should the selling price be?” and “What is my practice really worth?” You want your selling price to be fair to your prospective buyer and to you as well. With our expertise, we give your dental office, patient list, and other details an honest, realistic appraisal and work to get you the best offers possible.

After appraising your practice, the team at Workwell Dental Management formulates a marketing plan, online and through professional associations. We know what to place, where to place it and what it should say to put your practice in the most favorable light possible.

Regarding financing, our accounting and legal counsel work through lending proposals and agreements. Our legal experts receive and negotiate bids and assist with the details of the “practice sale agreement,” a final and critical step in ensuring the transition of your dental office to its new owners. Details in this agreement include assets that are part of the purchase. All necessary closing paperwork is accurate and complete.

What about people?

The individuals who have comprised a dentist’s support staff for so many years need fair and equitable treatment. When you sell your Maine/Massachusetts dental practice, Workwell Dental Management helps you deal with the salary and benefit needs of your team and even with announcing why, how and when the transition to new owners will be made.

In addition, we figure out your active patient list–that is, how many people are actual regulars in your practice. This important number impacts cash flow, selling price, staffing–even whether or not a full- or part-time associate dentist truly is necessary.

Are you ready to start?

Are you ready for your transition, but don’t know how to begin?  Contact Workwell Dental Management. We discover the details and then formulate them into a plan that makes sense for your goals and your practice.

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